Arnos Vale Cemetery is a unique location that is now in the care of the Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, a UK registered charity, so that it can be enjoyed now and saved for future generations, as:
A place of heritage containing many listed buildings and monuments of regional, national and international importance.
A place of tranquillity, a 45 acre haven of peace and quiet in an otherwise busy part of a bustling city.
A place filled with stories, a city within a city, inhabited by memorials to Bristolians of all classes, and others who found themselves in the city by accident or design.
A place of respect where more than 300,000 people are buried or remembered, from much-loved members of ordinary Bristol families to those who changed their world or sacrificed their lives in war.
A place to return to because there is so much to see and do and such seasonal variety that one visit to Arnos Vale Cemetery will never be enough.
A place for wildlife where many fascinating wild plants and creatures thrive, adding to the enjoyment and interest of visitors and providing wildlife with an essential green corridor that helps an abundance of species to survive.

Design a tri-fold flyer promoting the Arnos Vale Spring 2014 Events, to include a full schedule for Adult's and Children's events. Design to go along the Arnos Vale branding line, but something new and fresh was requested for the brochure.
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